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H&S Truss LLC - Irvington Kentucky residential truss system manufacturer

residential trusses

Based on the design of your home, H&S Truss will engineer and manufacture your custom truss system that meets your specifications. No matter what type of residence you live in, we manufacture wood roof and floor trusses that will accurately fit your design plan. We aim to deliver excellent customer service by involving you throughout the length of the project. Our custom residential truss services in Irvington, Kentucky cannot be beaten!

H&S Truss LLC - Irvington Kentucky agricultural truss system manufacturer

Agricultural trusses

H&S Truss can design and build wood trusses for all of your agricultural truss needs. Agricultural trusses require a variety of different truss systems from sheds and pavilions to stalled barns and pole barns. H&S Truss in Irvington, Kentucky will work with you to ensure that your wood roof trusses are built to the precise specifications. Our trusses will clear spans up to 80 feet!

H&S Truss LLC - Irvington Kentucky commercial truss system manufacturer

Commercial trusses

We can assist you in engineering wood trusses for your most complex truss systems if you have a commercial project. Our team is able to manufacture any commercial building design from banks and restaurants to churches, offices, and apartment complexes to name a few. We will work with you to complete any project!