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PROFESSIONAL TRUSSES IN KENTUCKY - H&S Truss Custom engineered wood truss systems

Need professional trusses in Kentucky? you have come to the right place. We assemble trusses built to support load tension, compression, and weight shift and trusses that provide long spans, up to 80 feet, to allow for open floor plans and a more simplistic building frame. This ultimately saves on cost and time during installation. Our trusses come entirely constructed and then shipped according to the project's specifications. We value you and your needs!

Family owned & operated

We are a family-owned Amish truss business that services the local area of Irvington, Kentucky. We love serving our locals and look forward to building an even stronger reputation for hard work and excellent customer service.

We deliver to you!

H&S Truss has a team that will deliver your order of trusses based on your needs. When you contact us we will ship your order according to the specifications of the project and your budget.

engineered stamped

Our trusses are designed by our professional truss engineers and stamped when needed to ensure that they meet the code guidelines and indicated that we use top-quality lumber.

We build Custom residential,

agricultural &



Professional Trusses in Irvington, KY & surrounding areas

We specialize in building trusses for three different truss systems, residential, agricultural, and commercial. With our experience, you can feel confident in our ability to provide you with the highest quality trusses for your truss system. When you chose H&S Truss our team will ensure that you are happy with the product and the process.




What our clients are saying

"We buy lots of trusses from them. Good honest people. They have the ability to design and build complex residential and commercial projects. Their quality is second to none. Contact them for your next project."

~ Sinking Creek Lumber

"We’ve been buying trusses from them since start-up. Trusses are straight with no wane using high-quality lumber. Their customer service is great. I can definitely recommend them with no reservations."

~ Victor Whetstone, Tri. County Pole-barns

Contact Us

We look forward to working with you and providing you with the highest quality trusses for your residential, agricultural, or commercial project. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote from us, please contact our team of experienced truss engineers at (270) 547-3036.

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